My Princess Has MS: behind the scenes: Episode 1

In which we sum up impressions of our pilot episode. There may be some flirting. Listener discretion is to get over oneself.

Thanks to everyone who have shown us so much amazing support and incredible encouragement! We had no idea this little idea would be so warmly received. Princess is overwhelmed by all the great comments and feedback, and it has given her countless smiles.
Which is really all that matters.

Episode 2 to air Thursday, December 19th!

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My Princess Has MS Podcast: Episode 1

So, we’re going to try this podcasting thing!

Click on the link below to listen to the first episode of our new podcast, My Princess Has MS. It’s a bit rough, as it’s our first go at a live, unscripted peek into what it’s like living with Multiple Sclerosis.

As former broadcasters, we’ll be endlessly trying to tweak the audio quality. But we’d love to hear what you think about the content!


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Engen Books Podcast, The Write Project, Episode 4: There shall be no other name.

Pseudonyms? Nah. Not unless I turn to writing erotica. And, if I did, I wouldn’t be announcing it here, because such things make my ears blush.

But it was a question posed on The Write Podcast, so I jumped at the chance for a little self-promotion and the opportunity to gab about anything writing.

You can catch the show here:

And if there is ever a Soundcloudpocalypse, here’s an archived copy:

I’m just one guest in a host of other Atlantic Canadian talent who give their opinions about pen names. And they are great people, so you should give them a listen. Spoiler: one person already is using one, but Mary Walsh (yes, THAT Mary Walsh) is not.

Juris Lunence: A Tale of the 10th Lunen Regiment by [Laybolt, B.C.]
Scoundrel. Survivor. Sniper. Saviour. Grab your copy of Juris Lunence and read the backstory of one of the 10th Lunen Regiments’ favourite characters today by clicking on the image!

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Podcast teaser.

Princess and I recently accidentally taped what could be a teaser for a podcast.

After we listened to it, here’s her working description that she wrote, and, I have to say, if I read this on a list, I’d subscribe.

But I’m biased.

Working Description: A fantasy writing, body building, mental health nurse and his MS afflicted, perimenopausal, chronically depressed, anxiety ridden, panic stricken, OCD-bound, neurotic, poodle-obsessed wife discussing their life as empty nesters and dog parents; hopefully, making it sound more interesting than it really is.

We do, however, have broadcasting backgrounds that need not go to waste, so there’s that. Finally, that college diploma gets put to good use.

We have no idea what we’re doing, but it seems like fun, so why not. (That is also the guiding philosophy of our approach to both parenting and being married people).

You can listen to what could be the teaser below:

We’d love to hear what you think. Should we make it a thing?


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Engen Books Podcast, The Write Project, Episode 3: The Starving.

The Starving is a great book. It’s a horror western with a Lovecraftian flavour and the brainchild of fellow Atlantic Canadian writer Jon Dobbins. So for all of those reasons, I’m a fan.

Dobbins has many. Some of them are amazing writers themselves. Engen Books’ The Write Project podcast was kind enough to invite me to join them to discuss The Starving on the show.

For posterity (and out of sheer narcissism), I’m archiving the podcasts the show’s host, Matthew Ledrew, dares to put me on, so if there are any issues with the link, you can also listen here:

If you listen, feel free to use my segment to frighten insects out of your house or curdle paint. I’m told my voice can do that. The other writers are amazing Atlantic Canadian talent who are the rising wave of the kind of creative talent this part of the world is becoming known for.

And if the old west is one of your favourite places to experience existential terror, get your copy of The Starving and support an up and coming writer by clicking on the image below.

The Starving by [Dobbin, Jon]

Juris Lunence: A Tale of the 10th Lunen Regiment by [Laybolt, B.C.]
Scoundrel. Sniper. Saviour.
Click on the link to grab your FREE copy of the backstory about one of the 10th Lunen Regiment’s most notorious characters today!

Success! You're on the list.

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The Mandalorian: I know we’re all thinking it.

Here’s a thought.

What if the Yoda species regenerates?

Mind blown, is yours.

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Crazy Fast Amazon Developments in Canada!

When I started out with Amazon’s KDP service, customer delivery was less than stellar. I had customers on the other side of Canada simply just not get their book because they weren’t home to receive it, and a wait time from click to doorstep of longer than three weeks.

Well, welcome to 2019!

Not only was I grateful to hear a reader had ordered both of my novels for Christmas (Merry Christmas!) on Thursday, but I was amazed when she told me it was delivered Saturday morning!


That’s a huge improvement.

To think that we’ve arrived at a time when the purchase click creates a printed book, ships it, delivers it into the customers hands, records and sends statistics on the sale directly to the author, and instantly deposits their advance, all in under 48 hours, is pretty mind-blowing, even for a jaded old get-off-my-lawner like myself.

Maybe this isn’t news to our American KDP comrades (and maybe even Canadian indies operating through KDP have already grown accustomed to this), but it sure is a rapid advancement in business efficiency for me.

Speaks well for the future of all indies. In a world where new creative product is, I feel, the biggest of future economies, making our products available faster for cheaper, and, I assume, catching us up to speed with the American ‘Zon market practices are the kind of assist we can all benefit from.

Speaking of cheaper, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that both paperbacks of To Drown in Sand and its sequel, To Drown in Ash, are on sale in time for the holidays, in case you’d fancy a copy.

Juris Lunence: A Tale of the 10th Lunen Regiment
Scoundrel. Saviour. Sniper..
Get your FREE copy today!

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