Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Images of Progress. (Or, a Tale of Two Covers).

Super Excited! The rough first drafts of my covers have arrived from my awesome Graphics Designer! Things are beginning to feel quite…real.

The choice between covers is an agonizing one. One cover I desperately want to use, the other is a wonderful result of miscommunication that resulted in an amazing, accidental image. And it offers a really great alternative that I think I have to go with.

Here are the two cover options. Kind of like twins in a bassinet. Go ahead and look. Make silly noises, and pretend they can understand you. I’ll be over here basking, and handing out cigars. Actually, I hate cigars. Cookies, then. But REALLY good ones.


Maybe someday, one of them will run for Prime Minister. Or, better yet, be on Amazon Createspace and Kindle. I think that’s where their fullest potential lies. A far better career choice than politics.



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